1. Installation and setup

Upload and install the theme

Before you can install the theme in wordpress you have to upload the theme and then activate the theme itself. You can upload a wordpress theme in two ways:

1. FTP Upload:

Upload the unzipped theme directory /hybriddaystheme into the /wp-content/themes/ folder on your server. At the end it should read /wp-content/themes/hybrid-days. In our case, we use FileZilla as a FTP program, but you can use the one you feel comfortable with.

Once the theme is uploaded you can go to Appearance » Themes and activate the Hybrid Days theme. And voilà! ready to start the customizing 🙂

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2. Wordpress upload

Navigate to Appearance » Themes » Add New. Click on ‘Browse’ and select the ‘hybriddays.zip’ file you downloaded after your purchase. Now hit “Install Now” and your theme will be uploaded and installed. This second way could have some restrictions depending on your settings. If it is not working, go for the FTP Upload way.

Once the theme is uploaded you can go to Appearance » Themes and activate the Hybrid Days theme. And voilà! ready to start the customizing 🙂


2. Required plugin

In order to run a complete hybrid event, we use the following list of plugins in the theme:

Go to Appearance » Install Plugins and select all the plugins you want to install. Once you install it, just select and activate them.

Before using ‘Revolution slider’ you have to do one more step. At the bottom of the right Admin Menu, find ‘Revolution slider’ » Import Slider. It will ask you to select ‘hybrid-days-slider.zip’, located in the file Demo Content Slider » Revolution Demo Sliders.


3. How to install the demo content

To best explore what Hybrid Days theme can run for your event, we recommend you to install the demo content. If you agree with us, go to Tools » Import in your WordPress Admin Menu. WordPress Importer and press ‘Install now’ button.

Then you find a screen where you should press to ‘Activate Plugin & Run importer’. Click on ‘Choose file’ and select ‘hd-demo-content.xml’, located in Demo Content  » WordPress Demo Content. Then just click on Upload file and import.

To start posting, select the user you want to use as a admin whether creating a new user or assigning posts to an existing user. Click the tick-box ‘Download and import file attachments’ to include media such as images from the posts in the import and press ‘Submit’ button to run the import process. After a few moments, you will receive a confirmation message to say that the process has finished.

4. Setting up the Homepage

After installing the theme your next step should be the creation of a homepage. Navigate to Pages and select Home as your homepage.

Once you saved your new page navigate to Settings » Readings. Now Select ‘A static page’ at the ‘Front Page Displays’ setting and then choose the page you just created as your new Front page from the dropdown.

Your Homepage is now ready and set up!

5. Customize Hybrid Days theme:

Once your Hybrid Days theme is install, you can start to personalize it. In this theme all your features appear on the homepage so do your best for everything look good on it. Hybrid Days theme works as a set of units which you can move and place them as you want. Just, press over Captura de pantalla 2015-12-03 a las 11.57.33 and drag the unit you want to move. Remember to preview first to see how it looks and update the changes.


6. How to custom the menu

If your are new in WordPress, here you will learn how to create your own menu in WordPress:

  1. Go to ‘Appearance » Menus’
  2. Click on ‘Create a new menu’
  3. Add a Menu Name (for example ‘Primary Menu’) and then click on ‘Create Menu’
  4. Now add the Pages you want to have in your Menu. On the left side you have 3 dropdown where you can add pages, custom links (for example to add an link to your online store) and last you can add links to your categories. Then, of course, click on ‘Save Menu’.
  5. Now comes the important part: Click on the ‘Manage Locations’ tab in the top area and for the ‘Top Primary Menu’ please select the menu which you just created.

What if I have even more questions than on here?

Thats totally cool! You can always ask a question at hybrid-days@cyberpractices.org


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